Home is where the heart is

Your home is the single largest investment you’ll make in your life. Not only because of the time and financial investments made in purchasing your home, but also because it contains the personal possessions you have accumulated over the years, as well as keeps safe all of your loved ones. Let Altomere & Associates Agency help you protect your home, so it can continue to protect all of the people and things you cherish most.


Altomere & Associates has the right insurance to protect your home. Offering traditional Home, Condo or even Rental solutions, we've got you covered from the roof to foundation, no matter the type of dwelling that you call "home-sweet-home".


Have valuable items like jewelry or technology that require extra protection? Don't worry, we can help with that. We offer an array policy options to ensure all of your valuables are properly protected from loss, theft or other not so convenient situations.


No matter the storm life presents, Altomere & Associates has the coverage you need to ensure you are sheltered. We offer the umbrella policies to best suit your lifestyle. So put those wellies on and enjoy the sprinkles, because we're here to lend a hand.

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